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5 Reasons Why Video Testimonials Are Awesome

Customer testimonial videos are extremely essential in today's marketing strategies for almost any industry. Think back on some of your purchasing decisions. How often did you read the reviews to be confident you're buying the best option? Customer Testimonials work the same way, and here are five reasons that every business should use customer testimonial videos in their marketing plan.

Tell A Story

Telling stories that are engaging may seem difficult, but it's the same process that Hollywood movies have most of the time.

  • Introduction to the Hero/Character

  • Introduction to the Problem

  • Introduction to the Guide

  • Introduction to the Plan

  • Calls the Character to Action

  • Helps Avoid Failure

  • Ends in a Success

As a marketer, we need to understand that our company is not the hero of the story. In fact, no one cares about your company's success; they care about their own success in life. To tell a great story, your customer needs to be the hero, and we need to understand their problems and failures in their journey to success. Next in the story, is introducing the guide of the character. Just like Professor Dumbledore mentoring and guiding Harry Potter through his journey at Hogwarts, your business is helping your customers avoid failure, and taking action to find success. So, start telling your customers stories because, just like Hollywood movies, everyone likes a good story!

Building Trust

Trust is one of the most important things you need to close the deal. If all your potential customers see from your marketing is, "World's best banana bread" for example, does anyone really believe you when you brag about yourself? Hearing from unscripted customers instead of a company spokesperson, builds so much more trust with potential buyers. 

Brag About your Customer's Results

Sometimes I like to call these videos, video case studies because we can dive deep into the statistics of the story. For example, if you're looking for a new personal fitness trainer, wouldn't you like to know some of the important statistics of their past customers like, how many pounds someone lost, body fat percentage decreasing, muscle percentage increasing, etc.? Some businesses are difficult to measure the results of your customer stories, but if you can, I'd highly recommend bragging about your customer's results!

Text vs. Video

A realtor friend of mine told me a couple of years ago that he loves client testimonial videos and not written testimonials because he never believed the written testimonials were real, authentic comments, or even real people at all. Now, I'm not going to say that every written testimonial out there is fake, but if one person doesn't believe these comments, there's many more with these same feelings.

Retention of your marketing message is important, so let's compare reading and watching video content.  A commonly cited statistic says that video has a 95% retention rate, while people only remember 12% of textual information. There are many reasons for this drastic difference in percentage, but I think the main reason is our emotions. When watching a video, our brain processes the content with our sense of sight and our sense of hearing. This helps our brains put the story together for us, with less brain power needed, versus reading and using more brainpower to picture the story. Most people don't like burning brain calories and want the simplest way to review a message. 


As an award-winning video marketing director, I've helped produce a lot of different styles of video. I've seen budgets to create a local commercial well over $50,000, which could be a great deal depending on the return that the company gets. But my point is that this same company would never spend this much on a client testimonial. Could the client testimonial video be worth $50,000? Absolutely, it could have a great return on investment. But the reason why this type of video is so inexpensive even with having a ton of value is that it is simply easy to produce.

As a commercial writer, I may spend days throwing ideas at the wall, trying to get a concept to stick. But for a testimonial video, I don't write the message; the customers themselves come up with the message based on their experience with your company. This takes so much less time for video marketers to produce than a different type of video. In my opinion, video testimonials may just be the best bang for your buck!

Back in 2019, we got the opportunity to sit down with Kirk from Heat Transfer Warehouse to talk about the projects we have worked on together in the last couple of years and the benefits video marketing has had for their business. Asking Kirk for a testimonial and listening to the difference video marketing had for Heat Transfer Warehouse helped us build our company but more importantly, allowed us to share with prospective clients what we are capable of and the success of this particular case study.

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